First announcement: 29 August 2016


IPFA 2nd Asia Workshop on Plasma Quality and Supply, Technological, regulatory and organisational tools to produce plasma for fractionation | 2 – 3 March 2017 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The International Plasma Fractionation Association (IPFA) is pleased to announce the second IPFA Asia Workshop on Plasma Quality and Supply. The upcoming workshop will build on the success of the meeting held in Taiwan in March 2016 which highlighted the importance of this topic for the region. This meeting attracted 175 delegates from 30 countries and received very positive feedback from attendees.


Key issues

Our2nd Asia Workshop will reflect the IPFA priority to identify and discuss key issues, strategies and opportunities to meet the increasing requirements for Plasma for Fractionation and essential plasma derived Medicinal Products in the Asia region. In collaboration with and hosted by the Indonesian Association of Transfusion Medicine (IATM), a comprehensive range of topics will be addressed including:

• Donor recruitment and selection

• Screening and diagnostic programmes for Blood-borne pathogens

• GMP and Quality management for Plasma for Fractionation

• Regulatory issues

• Plasma fractionation options

• Clinical developments in the use of Plasma Derivatives

• Product supply strategies to reduce dependency on imported products

The programme, soon available on the IPFA website, will be inclusive and interactive and will offer extensive opportunity for informal discussion and networking.


Who should attend?

The Workshop is being developed by internationally recognised experts and will be of interest to colleagues with an involvement in policies to secure the supply of plasma in the region to meet increasing patient needs for essential plasma derivatives; blood establishments, doctors and health care providers, patient and donor organizations, supporting industries, regulatory authorities, health ministries and agencies and academia.

Date and Venue

This two day IPFA Workshop will take place on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 March 2017 at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta,Indonesia directly, following the IATM Workshop of 1 March.



Please register on-line or provide IPFA with your completed registration form by email. We have set the registration fee at EURO 200,- to maximize potential attendance by stakeholders in the region.

Direct link to event section IPFA website:
Hard and / or digital copies of the announcement flyer can certainly be provided upon request.