Of course, you can use US dollars in Kenya and the dollar is a second most used currency in Kenya. It is followed by the Euro and the Pound correspondingly. Actually, the US dollar is preferred means of payment for entertainment activities like park entrance fees, gaming and so on.

Even the high end malls. Local safari guides, businesses and souvenir sellers are readily accepting the pounds, USD and Euros for services extracted. However, people often used to change dollar in Kenya for their holiday expenditures.

In tourist destinations, you have to pay amount in Kenyan money and do not accept the US dollars.

USD is the best currency to take to Kenya

The US dollar is one of the best currencies to transmit while traveling to Kenya. It is highly constant against the Kenya shilling than compared to pound as well as Euro. Now, the easiest way to convert into Kenyan money is via banks or local forex bureaus.

The prevalent Kenya money to US dollar exchange rate is roughly around $1 for Ksh.100. Even the locals can prefer US dollars more than the pounds. They frequently quote a minimal favourable rate for Euro and pound.

The forex bureaus that exchange pounds are lesser than compared to those who deal with dollar. So, they often recommend to use US dollars in Kenya while traveling.

What you must know on exchanging money in Kenya?

Of course, the Kenya is a pretty cash leaning society. During your trip to Kenya, you have to pay with USD in Kenya and have cash that needs for you. Once you are arriving in Kenya and want to change money, you must do is to exchange via the official money exchange.

use US dollars

You will also be well approached by the black market touts, but they will not provide a great rate and also exchange your genuine cash for counterfeits. Now, many of the bigger bank branches can provide foreign exchange services, so it is value checking your native branch.

There are also some specialized services available such as UA exchange, sky forex, etc.


When you are traveling to Kenya, it is a better idea to know your choices, before you leave your home. You may also decide that exchanging your cash, this is a best option to have money and use in Kenya. All you have to do is to exchange money, relax and enjoy your trip.