Kenya currency Africa Tourism

Can I use US dollars in Kenya?

Of course, you can use US dollars in Kenya and the dollar is a second most used currency in Kenya. It is followed by the Euro and the Pound correspondingly. Actually, the US dollar is preferred means of payment for entertainment activities like park entrance fees, gaming and so on. Even the high end malls.…

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vaccinations Africa Tourism

Do you need vaccinations to go to Nigeria?

Many people have different expectations regarding how to enhance every aspect of their upcoming travel to Nigeria. If you have decided to go to Nigeria, then you need vaccinations to go to Nigeria. You have to be safe and healthy as long as you travel in and around Nigeria. Almost every traveller to Nigeria needs…

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English in South Africa Africa Tourism

Do they speak English in South Africa?

Many people have a desire to travel South Africa for their business or tourism purpose and they can directly explore everything about communication related issues. For example, they have to be conscious about how they can conveniently communicate in English in South Africa from the beginning to end of their travel. They have to keep…

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