At present, many people are showing more interest in sports betting and it is mainly due to the highest winning chance. In order to fulfill all their desired needs, people would tend to search for an alternate way of earning extra income.

While searching for an alternate income, online betting and gambling is widely preferred by most of the people. It is mainly because the chance of getting huge sum of amount as winning prize is high in gambling.

When it comes to gambling the rules and play mode gets differed based on countries however gamblers have plenty of options available to choose their desired gambling play online. Although there are several sports betting available, football sports bet has the highest odd in Nigeria.

football betting sites

Highest odd football betting sites in Nigeria:

As the football betting is done by most of the gamblers it leads to rise of several football betting sites which is really become tough competition. Although there are several betting sites available it does not mean that not all of them are genuine enough.

People want to choose the best site or platform for making their bets. But in reality it is not an easy task to find best betting site to make the entire process simple and easy here are some of the betting platforms with highest odds in Nigeria are listed below.

  • BetKing
  • Nairabet
  • Bet9ja
  • Winner Golden bet
  • Merry bet

BetKing: This betting site is new to the betting platform but has high odd competitors which are higher than other betting platform that already exists. This site is lighter than bet9ja site, their smooth interface leads them to have good winning odds. However, the site still faces issues with availability of bet stores.

bet has the highest odd

Nairabet: This site is a reputed portal; it attains high odds as site allows users to bet even from their mobile. Moreover, naira bet shops are available all across the country which yields them high betting odds.

Bet9ja: This site is most patronised site for Nigerians to make football betting and this is the only site has highly visited ratio in the country. To make better experience the site also offers mobile application for people to make their bets.

Winner Golden bet: These site hold good odd presentations were you can get good stakes return, the site also spread some shops around the country.

Merry bet: This platform is new to football betting and holds only few livelihood shops but they hold good odds so it is better to go with new platform too.